Feb 5th 2021

Please join the Northwestern University Black Arts Consortium for a symposium on “Black Caribbean Waters: Decolonizing the Archive” This is the second symposium in Northwestern’s yearlong Sawyer Seminar: “The Black Arts Archive: The Challenge of Translation.”

Supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Northwestern’s 2020-2021 Sawyer Seminar will include a series of symposiums, graduate courses, and a summer institute focusing on various archives of Black arts across the African Diaspora. The project emphasizes three regions: Chicago, the Caribbean (Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Haiti), and South Africa. With the goal of generating a sustained conversation over the course of the year, “The Black Arts Archive: The Challenge of Translation” Sawyer Seminar will feature a series of visiting artists and scholars from the three regions who will engage the theme of translation and the archive.

Symposium Schedule:

3—3:20pm Department of Performance Studies Wallace
Bacon Lecture:
Pepón Osorio

3:20 – 4:15pm Translating Blackness in Puerto Rican Art
moderated by Pepón Osorio

Las Nietas de Nonó
Luis Rivera Jiménez
Awilda Sterling

4:15 – 4:30 Break

4:30 – 5:30 Caribbean Black Arts Archives: Challenges and Opportunities

moderated by Renée Alexander Craft

Amanda Coulson
Ariana Curtis
Lyndon Gill
Kantara Souffrant
Deborah A. Thomas

A Symposium for the Black Arts Archive: The Challenge of Translation Sawyer Seminar

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Sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Sawyer Seminar Grant and the Northwestern Black Arts Consortium
More info: https://bac.northwestern.edu/sawyer-seminar/

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