Dec 12th 2020

The Great Migration made its biggest impact on Chicago in Bronzeville, which was the city’s center of African American culture from the 1920s through the 1950s. Forced to live within tight boundaries due to unfair regulations, a diverse mix of more than 300,000 residents at its height with laborers, businessmen, domestic workers, and artists all living together produced music and art and were busy in activism and industry on the South Side. Inspired by both The Great Migration and The Great Depression, Bronzeville artists of the 1930s and ’40s depicted the world around them on canvas, with paper and pen, and through musical instruments.

Join Dr. Christopher Reed, professor emeritus at Roosevelt University, for an exploration of the locations and working conditions of Chicago steel mills, factories, stockyards, and private homes that compelled literary and visual artists and musicians to create works of art that still resonate today.


$5; Free for members

Tour runs about 1 hour; Zoom link provided after registration

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