Dec 10th 2020


An end-of-the-year fundraiser and birthday bash for Chicago’s favorite journalism lab. Come to hear our story, stay to share yours.

Over the past 5 years, City Bureau has been building a better future for local journalism, a future that equips communities to be more than consumers, instead acting as partners in creating the news you need.

That’s why we’re excited to invite you to Soapbox 2020 on December 10th from 6-8 p.m. , a virtual event that will showcase what you, our partners and community, have helped us build over these past 5 years.

Join us to connect with the City Bureau community, hear what we’ve learned and where we’re headed, and to share what you want to see from local media in 2021. We’ll have a DJ, breakout sessions to meet new folks, and some exciting news to share.

100% of any money we raise through Soapbox 2020 will go directly to pay the people who power our programs—the Documenters, Fellows, and Public Newsroom hosts who will shape our next 5 years together.

City Bureau’s vision of a more effective, equitable and trustworthy journalism only becomes real if people like you think it’s worth investing in. Thank you for showing up for the past five years. We look forward to celebrating the next 5 with you on December 10th!

**All donations to City Bureau are fully tax deductible. If you’ve donated already, aren’t able to donate, or would like to donate directly, please reach out to andrew[at] and we’d be happy to reserve a spot for you directly!

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