Dec 7th 2020

Comfort Station is pleased to announce Home Comforts, an auction of original art commissions that will support our 2021 programming in tandem with the livelihoods of artists in Chicago. Rather than auctioning off already made works, this auction allows buyers to bid on unique commissions that are responsive to the collector and their home. This is bespoke art for radical and trying times. We are grateful to have a group of artists that display the vitality and range of talents that make Chicago’s art community what it is.

Without the benefit of our traditional fundraisers, Comfort Station is facing a $20,000 revenue shortfall. Thanks to a generous donation of a work by legendary photographer Vivian Maier, we began to conceptualize an auction benefit with a dual purpose that is both artist and organizationally centered. Paying artists has always been a foundational value for us at Comfort Station. With the Maier piece as our touchstone, Home Comforts will prioritize the artists currently living and working in our city, and in this time. The final bid for each commission in the auction will be split between Comfort Station and the artist.

The Vivian Maier image was taken by the artist in Central Park in 1952 at the outset of an important phase in her work using a Rollieiflex camera. Likely to have been printed by Maier herself, the photograph was donated to Comfort Station by Ron Slattery, one of the collectors to have discovered the artist’s work after her death.

Our auction goes live December 7. We will be announcing descriptions of the commissions in November.

Special thanks to Cortney Lederer, Andrew Rafacz, and Adrian Wong for working with our staff and board in organizing this auction!

Participating Artists:

Anna Brown
Robert Burnier
Juan Angel Chavez
Bob Faust
Alice Hargrave
Jamie Hayes
Studio Herron
Cody Hudson
Candace Hunter
James Kao
Vivian Maier*
Zakkiyyah Najeebah
Chelsea Ross
Luan Joy Sherman
Edra Soto
Rob Sohmer
Jessica Stockholder
Jacqueline Surdell
Norman Teague
Emily Winter

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