Dec 5th 2020

Aspect/Ratio/Projects is pleased to present Fever Dream, a group exhibition focused on the reflection of our collective experience in 2020. Through multiple mediums and varying view-points, the work assembled is an exploration of this journey, acknowledging each challenge yet culminating with a message of hope. Independently, each work makes it’s own individual statement but when assembled in the context of this theme, they strive to make a powerful and elegant narrative. This narrative attempts to both question and reach beyond what has otherwise been thwarted or misrepresented.

Adam Daley Wilson (Portland, ME) investigates the consequences of mental illness through painting and text based work. Alec Soth (Minneapolis, MN) documents powerful, yet ordinary, moments in time through his photographic lens. Alejandro Figueredo Díaz-Perera (Los Angeles, CA) conceptually connects personal and universal ideas through multiple mediums. In Fever Dream, Cameron Gainer (Scottsdale, AZ) uses photography and video to illustrate a metaphor for the organization of the universe. David Leggett (Los Angeles, CA) is heavily influenced by popular culture, documenting both personal and cultural relationships. Derrick Woods- Morrow (Chicago, IL) examines both personal and shared experiences of existing as both black and queer in America. Jovan C. Speller (Minneapolis, MN) creates unique photographic works tied to both personal and historical experiences. Through photography and video, Nick Albertson (Chicago, IL) explores the limits of the ability of these mediums to be purely abstract. Nick Cave/Bob Faust (Chicago, IL) collaborated to create a collectable piece to serve as a memento to the city of Chicago by drawing upon motifs found earlier in Cave’s career. Aspect/Ratio/Projects will be donating all funds from the Cave/Faust work to the Art for Justice Fund.

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