Dec 7th 2020


Local artist Jane Michalski will release a series of 12 small encaustic paintings on panel sized 10 x 12 inches that imaginatively refer to the structures of stone and bedrock. Each painting will present as an abstract design meant to spark the imagination of the viewer and connect them to our planet.
There is a growing awareness of the impact of climate change and of human reliance on the earth. Covid-19 and changes in weather patterns have left us with feelings of helplessness and uncertainty. People must find ways to strengthen their emotional bonds to the earth in order to save it.

Michalski states: “I am creating a series of small works that draw on themes I explore in my art: the structures of stone and bedrock that recall the enduring earth; the foundation of human existence. I want to spark the viewers imagination so that they can feel the presence of the past, our future, and their connection to our planet.”

Jane Michalski is a Chicago artist whose creative energy is fueled by her love for the natural world. She is known for her abstract encaustic paintings which have been exhibited locally and regionally. Jane’s art includes altered ink jet prints of personal photographs and silk-screened structural elements. Her other passions include gardening, the community of Logan Square, curation of the occasional art exhibition and the home she shares with her husband, two adult children and a furry poodle mix named Honey.

ENDURING EARTH will be released on Monday December 7th, 2020 via the artists website and Instagram @jane.michalski

For additional information contact Jane Michalski at 773 392-1866;

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