Dec 21st 2020

On the Winter Solstice of 2020, Arts + Public Life invites you to celebrate and connect with artists and families who have participated in our Vends + Vibes “Claiming New Constellations” family activity, who will share their new constellation ideas and creation process. Participants of all ages are encouraged to share their constellations, how they came up with them, and techniques for their illustrations. We are excited to have two of this year’s Vends + Vibes commissioned artists at this event, Tesh Silver and Naimah Thomas.

As the last official Vends + Vibes event of the year, APL is excited to share in solstice celebrations around the world – celebrating the longest night, but more importantly the brightest stars in our constellation of Chicago artists, community partners, and avid arts supporters.

Learn more and download the Claiming New Constellations family activity now at
Zoom link will be provided in advance of the event.

About the Activity:
Claiming New Constellations: What new constellations do you imagine? Constellations are a group of stars that form a shape or pattern. They are a product of human imagination and cultural background. Most of the constellations we commonly know today were named by European astronomers and colonists using the night sky for navigation. Look up to your own piece of the sky or check out the winter night sky from any of the Chicago places featured in the illustrations provided in the family packet at Find new patterns and shapes among the stars and claim them as new constellations using the artistic medium of your choice. Then, please join on us on December 21st at 5pm to share your new constellation images and talk through your creative process.

Download full activity packet at…/201112_VVV…
About the Artists:

Tesh Silver is an illustrator and graphic artist that does cultural work in Chicago and across the country. Her client list includes the Chicago Reader, AIDS Foundation Chicago, PrEP 4 Love and Sixty Inches From Center. She lives in beautiful Washington Park with her housemates and her dog.
IG: @astratesh

Naimah Thomas is a Chicago-based visual artist, art therapist, and licensed professional counselor, whose work explores the intersections of art and mental health, primarily in communities of color.
IG: @naimah_creates

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