Dec 17th 2020

Casey Carsel: Knobl Hearts: Artist Talk

@ Co-Prosperity Sphere


Opening Thursday, December 17th, at 6PM

On view through Friday, January 15th

🧄Knobl Hearts🧄 by Casey Carsel

On view in the windows of Co-Prosperity

November 17,2020 – January 15,2021

Artist talk: December 17, 6pm CST on Twitch.TV/lumpenradio

For thousands of years, garlic bloomed as a core ingredient of Jewish culture—a food of celebration and good health. Garlic is also, however, bound to antisemitic propaganda within the concept of foetor Judaicus (‘Jewish stink’): a devil-like, sulfurous, garlicky scent supposedly emanating from every Jew.

Though historically garlic and Jewish culture were closely intertwined (for better or for worse), garlic is rarely recognized in the present day as a cultural signifier of Jewishness (also for better or for worse). Like many historical symbols of Jewish identity, the association with garlic has disappeared, replaced by others icons and other options.

Knobl Hearts (Knobl—קנאָבל—meaning garlic in Yiddish) takes the simultaneous sweetness and stench of garlic within Jewish cultural history, as well as its relative contemporary absence, as a starting-point towards constructing at least a small facet of a Jewish identity, past, present, and future, to hold in one’s hands.

Join us ✨ Wednesday, November 18, 12:30–4.00pm✨ to see the finished installation of Carsel’s massive fiber works in the Co-Prosperity windows and take a short walk down the street to @KimskiChicago, where a garlic-themed Community Kitchen meal including matzo ball soup and black garlic brownies will be available to take home with you free of charge.

There will be plenty of food, but it may run out, so come on the early side to ensure you enjoy both the hearty meal and the intricate embroidery and deep history displayed in Carsel’s exhibition.


This show is a part of Co-Prosperity Peers, a series of solo exhibitions initiated by the Co-Prosperity Programming Council. Four artists are selected each year to take over the Co-Prosperity windows and hold programming during the run of their show. More information can be found at 🌐 🌐



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