Oct 14th 2020

Langer Over Dickie Presents two works on our 1309 N Leavitt Exterior

To Be A Part of (I, II & III) – Tanya Garcia
(Viewable October 14th – November 1st. Wednesdays – Sundays Sunset to 10pm)


Safety Check (Wicker Park) – Jesse Meredith
(Semi-permanently installed and viewable anytime)

Jesse Meredith
I use permeability, flexibility, and ambiguity as tools to get my fingers in the cracks between social positions. My work braids many ideas that deny one politic. I am an ally, a country boy, a New Yorker, a militia man, a driver, a teacher, an observer, an activist. The goal of my practice is to highlight systems that isolate and separate us, to connect ideologies, identities and histories, and to empower people to address their own biases and comforts. Through intentional exposure outside of our comfort zones, unflinching openness, and willingness not only to undo, but to rehabilitate, I believe we can confront and undermine the powers that divide, placate and destroy us, and find new ways of acceptance and restitution.

Tanya Garcia
Tanya Garcia is motivated by personal disconnect to homeland as a diasporan and second generation Puerto Rican, and is invested in the exploring the intersections between land, body, and memory as a process of redefining her relationship to place. With this framework, she engages with themes and theories of colonialism, diaspora, and forms of adaptation that exist not only within the body, but the geographical landscape. Garcia understands body as a multiplicity of forms not specific to humans and that bodies that have potential to affect and be affected. The purpose of her work is to complicate the geographical and socio-political narratives through time-based media such as photography, audio, video, and performance. In the past, her work referred to concepts of borders, immigration, and social difference in collaboration with communities local to Baltimore, Maryland.

** this reception is outside and masks are required

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