Sep 28th 2020

Option: Jasmine Mendoza

@ Experimental Sound Studio


Opening Monday, September 28th, from 8PM - 10PM

Option Quarantine Concert Series

September 28th – Jasmine Mendoza (Interview with Ken Vandermark) Set Time: 8pm CST

Movement artist Jasmine Mendoza presents and discusses her image-based work with Option curator Ken Vandermark

[Photo by Alexa Viscius]


Jasmine Mendoza is a Mexicana movement artist interested in exploring the roots and origin of her ancestors through time, environment, spiritual and ritualistic practices. Her work is heavily image-based in connection and conversation with nature’s elements – water, earth, fire, wind, light, darkness and space. Jasmine is deeply fascinated by the practices and ideas surrounding Butoh and BodyWeather which drive and inspire her work immensely.


“We’re honored to host Jasmine Mendoza on the Option Quarantine concert series. Jasmine’s highly engaging and image-based movement is a unique and personal exploration influenced by a multiplicity of ideas including,but not limited to, Butoh, BodyWeather, and the art of improvisation.” -Tim Daisy/Option Curator

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