Sep 4th 2020

LOSS, A Virtual Exhibition

@ Woman Made Gallery


On view through Sunday, September 27th

Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is pleased to present “LOSS, A Virtual Exhibition,” with works by 120 artists from the US, Austria, Canada, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Nigeria, and Turkey.

Open to women-identified and non-binary artists from the local, national, and international community, Woman Made Gallery is grateful to curator Felicia Grant Preston who made the selections for this exhibition. She included works in a variety of media, from painting, drawing, print-making, sculpture, photography, digital works and video all exploring the concept of loss.

Exhibiting Artists: Ngozi Akande, Future Akins, Samar Babar, Stella Bach, Nancer Ballard, Dawn Barr, Marie Bergstedt, Audrey Kriss Berkowitz, Kari Stieglitz Black, Jean Blackwell Font, Laurie Blakeslee, Stacy Bogdonoff, Barbaranne Branca, Karen Breitenbach, Marianna Buchwald, Debbie Burk, Maureen Burns Bowie, Stefani Byrd, Jenn Cacciola, Laura C Carlson, Barbara Melnik Carson, Emily Casella, Maureen Catbagan, Jenny Chernansky, Veronica Clements, Sara Peak Convery, Patricia DaRif, Cristina Ariza Davila, Jackie DesForges, Sally Brown Deskins, Tamara Diaz, Hyunhee Doh, Tami Dollase, Gabrielle Egnater, Patty Eljaiek, Sarah Entingh, Carol Estes, Donna Faranda, Susan Fecho, Christina Fitch, Stacey Foisy, Elise Gagliardi, Kathryn Gauthier, Alexandra Giannell, Monica Goldsmith, Kay Gordon, Jae Green, Karen Gubitz, Pamela Hadley, Alison Hafner, Tara Hakim, Karen Hanrahan, Brileigh Hardcastle, Linda Henke, Brianna Hernández Baurichter, Jeanne Hewell-Chambers, Pamela Hobbs, Ann Huang, Doina Iacob, Patricia Izzo, Hall Jameson, Gina Judy, Shannon Kernaghan, Venise Keys, Shefali Khanna, Sonia Kholamian Gebhardt, Caroline Knickmeier, Mary Kolada Scott, Victoria Kolbuck ,Gamze Konca, Ann Kozeliski, Beth Krensky, Candace Law, Laurie LeBreton, Julie Lee, Joyce Lex, Nina Liu, Casey Lowry, Violet Luczak, Anda Marcu, Meredith Mays Espino, Linda Williams McCune, Diane Miller, Lacey Minor, Gaby Mojica, Yasmin Noorbakhsh, Anne Nordhaus-Bike, Chinze Ojobo, Anna Petersen, Jade Phillips, Yvonne Pitts, Alice Sharie Revelski, Gina Lee Robbins, Nancy J. Rodwan, Holly Romano, Jo Scheder, Sarah Schneiderman, Meredith Schroeder, Sabine Senft, Mary Senter, Sia Serafina, Leaf Silver, Adrienne Sloane, Alison Stein, Caito Stewart, Patricia Stewart, Susanne Swanson Bernard, Millette Tapiador, Cheryl Thomas, Sarah Trad, Gwynneth VanLaven, Mariko Ventura ,Matina Vossou, Julie Waltz-Stalker, Marybeth Ward, Jennifer Weigel, Marion Wilson, Kelly Witte, Elaine Woo, Lisa Youngdahl.

Curator/Juror: Felicia Grant Preston is an art instructor and visual artist. She received a BA from Southern Illinois University, an MS ED from Northern Illinois University, and an MA from Chicago State University. In addition, she has studied at the University of Illinois, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Governor State University and The Savannah College of Art and Design. Her work has been included in the Paul R. Jones collection at the University of Delaware, considered one of the largest collections of African American art. Publications include the University of Delaware’s 2005 date book, Abstract and All That, University of Delaware exhibition catalog, African art: the Diaspora and beyond by Daniel T. Parker, Cover design for Mystic turf poems by Quraysh Ali Lansana, and one image in Revise the Psalm: Work Celebrating the Writing of Gwendolyn Brooks, edited by Quraysh Ali Lansana, and Sandra Jackson-Opoku, 2016. For more information visit:

Please check online to see all the artists and their work on display:

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