Sep 21st 2020

Deconstructing Time

@ Mana Contemporary


Opening Monday, September 21st, from 1PM - 2PM

On view through Monday, September 21st

Join Live:

Time is a measure of change, and change is a phenomenon of truth. In the current environment of a global pandemic, we are all experiencing time in strange and mysterious ways. How has it affected us and how must we make sense of it with respect to the inner workings of time in the universe?

New Media Program artist-in-residence Amay Kataria addresses these phenomena in Moment of Enigma, a presentation of his works at Mana Contemporary Chicago. Join the artist in conversation with Andreas Berlind, an astrophysicist at Vanderbilt University, to look at time through the combined lens of art and science.

Andreas Berlind is an associate professor of astrophysics at Vanderbilt University. He studies the clustering patterns of galaxies in the universe to learn about its history. He also co-directs the Data Science Institute at Vanderbilt, whose goal is to support data-driven research in all academic fields. Berlind holds a Ph.D. in astronomy from the Ohio State University and an AB in astrophysical sciences from Princeton University.

Amay Kataria is a Chicago-based media artist, repurposing technology to create systems that are inspired by the state of “being” and “time”. He uses the craft of code, computation, and algorithms to create systemic metaphors about time and human empathy. He holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago concentrating on art & technology studies, and has exhibited at Art Electronica, CADAF, Electromuseum, Experimental Sound Studio, TIFA Studios, and Vector Festival, among others.

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