Aug 10th 2020


@ Flatland


Opening Monday, August 10th, from 12am - 12am

On view through Monday, August 10th

Flatland tentatively peeks its weary eyes out of the ether to present our 10th exhibition, ESP USA, an online show for the stay-at-home-or-who-knows-what times. From April – June of 2020, Flatland put out an open call for anyone to join us for ESP (extrasensory perception) tests via the COVID-19 networking staple, Zoom. In each session we at Flatland attempted to send an artwork via telepathy to each participant. This online exhibition presents the fruits of that endeavor, part art show, social and scientific report, practical joke, and mini-treatise on our contemporary modes of communication. ESP USA is an exhibition for the age, living and working in our Altered States of America.

“Opening” August 10th, 2020 at and featuring: Sonya Bogdanova, Asya Dubrovina, Li-Ming Hu, Jared Kelley, Michelle Marie, Austin McCann, Liam O’Connor, Hanna M. Owens, Allyson Packer, Annie Raccuglia, Caitlin Ryan, Veronica Salinas, Jan Simonds, and Evelyn Wilde



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