Jul 11th 2020

The National Museum of Mexican Art and the Chicago Latino Film Festival are proud to present a live Q&A with director, Arturo Sánchez Del Villar and the cast of Cuilli and Macuilli, The Sons of the Jaguar. Join us on Saturday July 11 at 7:00 pm CST on Facebook Live and learn why this film has won several prestigious awards, including being a Canne Film Festival selection.

This event is free. Please consider making a donation in support of indigenous artisans of the State of Guerrero in Mexico. 100% of your donation will provide direct assistance to artisans. Any amount you give today will help keep a diversity of voices for tomorrow. Donate here: https://bit.ly/CuilliYMacuilli

About Cuilli and Macuilli:

Every Sunday, Chano walks from his village to the street market to sell the jaguar figurines, or tecuanes, his grandfather Cenonio handcrafts. Following the advice of two tourists who buy the tecuanes, Chano convinces his grandfather to move to the city where they can earn a living with their handcrafts, but they end up marginalized. Meanwhile, their figurines land in the hands of a foreign filmmaker who trademarks them and the legend they represent. Sánchez del Villar bring to life these legends through a fusion of animation and live action, while critiquing the commercial exploitation of a millennial culture.

We will also host a live screening of the film on Sunday, July 12th at 2:00 pm CST. Register here: https://bit.ly/CuilliYMacuilli

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