Jul 7th 2020

Engaging with Erotic Photography


Opening Tuesday, July 7th, from 6PM - 9PM

Engaging with Erotic Photography is a two-session critique group and workshop taught by photographer Zak Krevitt designed to engage artists making work exploring themes of eroticism. Zak is a photographer who has a long history working with and photographing various fetish communities for publications like VICE and OUT .

We have an 11am-1pm and 6-9pm option!

To enroll in this course, please visit our website:

This critique group is geared towards artists who are 18 or older, explore themes of eroticism within their art practice, or want to learn more about how to discuss their work with themes of sex-positivity. In the first session, Krevitt will present a brief history of Photographic Erotica. From there, the first half of the class will present their works. Each participant will receive 30 minutes of feedback. The remaining participants will receive feedback during the second meeting. Those who choose to enroll should already have a body of work to present as all participants will be asked to share a slideshow or pdf presentation of 8-10 images in a sequence.

This is an inclusive class for those who identify as queer, kinky, or generally just sex-positive. Due to the nature of this topic, we will ask for a work sample, website, or Instagram handle plus a signed waiver prior to payment and enrollment.


COST: $75 General Admission, $50 Student/Recent Grad


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