Jun 24th 2020

Write On! Part II with Artist Ben Lamar Gay

@ Arts and Public Life

Opening Wednesday, June 24th, from 6PM - 7PM

Online Event

Join us for Part II of this innovative, virtual penmanship and music meditation jam led by Arts + Public Life and the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture Artist-in-Residence, Ben Lamar Gay. Ben will explore sound through penmanship and experiment with how a line can be manipulated to document the past, present, and future. Ben will also be joined by special guest artist, musician, actor and puppeteer Sam Lewis. We will listen, improvise, and attempt to remember the dance of the hand and the pen. Participants will be able to follow along at home and can share their work online with the hashtag, #writeon

About Ben
Ben LaMar Gay (he/him) is a composer/cornetist who moves components of sound, color, and space through folkloric filters to produce brilliant electro‐acoustic collages. The unification of various styles is always in service of the narrative and never solely a display of technique. The Chicago native’s true technique is giving life to an idea while exploring and expanding on the term “Americana”. His musical influences derive from his collection of experiences in all of the Americas and the gathered data channeled by technology and its amplifying accessibility. The fact that the world is closer via technology and that everyone has access to the possibility of exploring different ideas, makes his avant-garde version of “Americana” very global. Embracing international vision while remaining true to his roots, Gay’s creative output aligns with the honest notion that he only knows how to be a man from the South Side of Chicago. Active in the vibrant experimental music scene of Chicago, including a three‐year residency in Brazil, allows him to collaborate with some influential figures in the world of music. The list includes George Lewis, Itibere Zwarg, Black Monks, Nicole Mitchell, Jeff Parker, Mike Reed, Joshua Abrams, Celso Fonseca, Tomeka Reid, Bixiga 70 and the Association of the Advancement of Creative Musicians, to name a few.


Arts + Public Life and Center for the Study of Race, Politics & Culture Artists-in-Residence Program
In partnership with the Center for the Study of Race, Politics & Culture (CSRPC), Arts + Public Life (APL) supports individual local artists whose work examines themes relevant to South Side communities and engages issues of race and ethnicity. Artists who participate in the program have demonstrated a history of rooting their practice in community engagement. The ten-month paid residency program provides space, materials and stipends, eliminating barriers to participation. During this program, artists have access to rehearsal, performance and exhibition space at the Arts Incubator and Green Line Performing Arts Center in Washington Park, and access to the academic and research resources of the University.

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