Jun 15th 2020

Strictural Structures of Radical Reduction is an exhibition/folio exploring the space of limitations in material practice through imagery of minimal objects/installations/experiences which are physically and conceptually renegotiated back into the world through a common printer. Obliterating sense information like scale, presence, positive and negative space, these become ghost-works in a spectral exhibition haunting the viewer through a pdf. Strictural Structures of Radical Reduction is curated by VincentComo and includes work by JoshuaEvan, Jason Gringler, AlisonHall, Erris Huigens, Vanha Lam, and RuriYi⁠

TSA_PDF is a series of printable exhibitions curated by Tiger Strikes Asteroid. People are invited to download and print these works on their home printers and share their “install shots,” which we will share on social media and our website. We view these exhibitions as a fun, experimental way to bring something physical and meaningful into people’s homes as they socially distance.

To access the PDF to print, you can:

1) Pay-what-you-wish at PayPal.Me/TigerStrikesAsteroid . 100% of the proceeds will be split between the artists and Artist Relief.

2) Our existing and new Patreon subscribers also get access to this and all future PDF exhibitions for free. Become a patron at patreon.com/tigerstrikesasteroid

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