Jun 23rd 2020

The Body and Pain Reading Group


Opening Tuesday, June 23rd, at 6PM

On view through Tuesday, July 14th

For months, we’ve seen news coverage of the coronavirus, and now we’re confronting and calling for the abolition of the systemic violence black communities face. As we slowly move toward a post-stay-at-home order world and activate space through political movement, we’re left to digest the affects of it all on our bodies. What is your body’s relationship to pain? How will language function for us? The Body and Pain reading group will explore pain as a witness to and manifestation of personal and intergenerational suffering. Readings will explore the body and pain in relationship to language, its function in capitalism, and how (or if) it can be recreated in performance. Participants will be encouraged to push their thinking on the representation and role of pain and suffering through the lens of poetry, theory, and visual art.

Tuesdays from June 23-July 14

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