Jun 13th 2020

RTVF 379 Fractured Narratives Screening “Me and the World”

Quarantine Filmmaking: A Fractured Screening

The students of Northwestern University’s Radio, TV, Film Department’s Fractured/Anti-/Fragmented Narratives class presents their final short film projects under the collective name of: Quarantine Filmmaking: A Fractured Screening.

Begin watching online at 1pm CST on Saturday, June 13th the videos in the Vimeo showcase in sequential curated order. READ CONTENT WARNING BELOW AND WATCH INTRO VIDEO BEFORE TUNING IN!!!

Please RSVP to this Facebook Event page to get the Vimeo link and password a few hours before the screening

Then, tune in afterward around 1:45pm via Zoom for a live Q&A with student directors:

password = Anti1234+

CONTENT WARNING WRITTEN BY STUDENTS, PLEASE READ: “Counter-cultural cinema has often aimed to create discomfort in its viewers, challenging the clean and sanitized productions of Hollywood. In Luis Buñuel’s 1929 Un Chien Andalou, audiences were shocked by the slitting of an eyeball on screen. In 1964, Andy Warhol created a work designed to evoke physical discomfort in its audience with Empire, a film comprised 435 minutes of a single view of the Empire State Building. For as long as filmmakers have worked on counter-cultural narratives, they have relied on images both shocking and discomforting. While we understand how important these elements of alternative cinema are, we also believe that audiences should make informed decisions on what they choose to view.” Some contents of this screening may not be suitable for children or minors. Some films contain subjects or depictions of violence, animal cruelty, and sexual assault. Warning cards are placed before individual shorts, tune out or skip films as you see fit.

Filmmaker log lines, in order of screening:

Note – Shelby
“A family tries to communicate with each other, only to find that no one wants to listen.”

The Chaser – Chase
“An exploratory odyssey of the filmmaker’s present and past.”

Nature of Emotions – Jerry/Ruidi
“How do our understanding of emotions change over time?”

Dog Day – Andrew
“A boy spends the day with his dog.”

How To Make Bread – Stella
“How to Make Bread is an exploration of humanity’s manipulation of nature.”

The Act of Surfing – Xinyan
“The Act of Surfing is a simulation of an online experience where a centralized media platform controls what the audiences watch and therefore guide the public to oblivion.”

“Just a random thought”

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