Jun 19th 2020


@ The Franklin


Opening Friday, June 19th, from 9PM - 9:30PM

LOVE Xtream
Go to @edrasoto for the LIVE streaming on Instagram
from 9pm to 9:30pm

In the words of Edra Soto:
@navillus_woodworks and I have been celebrating Friday nights with a dance party since the pandemic started. Last Friday, I finally opened up to share the love that we share and celebrate with our dogs here at home. We LOVE Fridays because we both are a bit of workaholics and think of Friday nights as a good day and time to stop working and relax together. Thank you to everyone that tune in last Friday. After Dan prepared the most incredible playlist for me – perhaps one of the best gifts he has given me – I couldn’t resist but to share it. You, the friends and colleagues that I admire and love inspired me to share the 💖love, just in case you are feeling a little lonely or just looking for a good time. I’m here tell you all in advance in case you like to take a peek at our little flaming 🎉 party full of trippy filters and unexpected sing-along and dog petting. The dog in the banner is Foster, that as many of you might know, is the love of my life. You are granted a personal wave 👋🏽 from me, and if you wave back, I will throw hearts 💕 right back at you!. LetLoveWin🙏🏽👏🏽🎉⚡️💪🏽🤟🏾💃🏽👋🏽 Fridays 9-9:30pm @edrasoto ig ⚡️LIVE streaming ⚡️ #lovextream

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