Jun 26th 2020

Thank you to everyone protesting, art making, and working in solidarity with #BLM. We think it’s important for us to focus on art that supports the narrative and will be moving in that direction as a form of our work in progress.

In June, we are hosting Community Art Days in the LIP 20/20 Exhibit gallery where people can make signs/posters/stickers at the Hairpin Arts Center centering on #BlackLivesMatter.

The LIP 20/20 Exhibit gallery will also be open for viewing during our Community Art Days through June 30th:
• Sundays 4pm–7pm
• Wednesdays 3pm–8pm**
• Fridays 3pm–8pm**
** We may extend hours on Wednesdays and Fridays, depending on how many people want to stay in the space. Note: moved our Wednesday Studio Days to the Hairpin too.

The gallery is also available by appointment this month.

A special thank you to Hairpin Arts Center for extending our exhibition through June 30th and allowing us to have Community Art Days in the space.

Please see our pandemic safety measures at Hairpin below.

LIP = Life in Progress | AnySquared Projects’ LIP20/20 Exhibit at the Hairpin Arts Center showcases work that expresses definitions and/or critiques of progress that provokes, challenges, or illustrates. Through all media, artists represent, examine, analyze, or dissect what is actual progress, what some consider progress, and what is not. LIP 20/20 seeks to answer and explore this concept with our work, our art, in our communities, and as human beings, both in the city and the world. #LIP2020

ARTISTS | ADR • Adriana Poterash • Akira • Alejandro Ontiveros Robles • Alexandra Galvan • Alex Wells Shapiro • Alexis Lovely • Alfonso Piloto Nieves Ruiz • Alice Roberson • Alma Dominguez • Amie Sell • Andrew Garcia • Andy Meholick • Angela Davis Fegan • Anna Reed • Anthony Bartley • Applepop • ATYL (Alex Lee) • B’Rael Ali Thunder • Brian Herrera • Cameron Feeley • Carlos Anegas Vazquez • Christian Navas • David Castrejon • dial8r • EAZEL • Ellen Holtzblatt • Emilio Nadales • Emily Holmes • Fire Falco • Flash ABC • Frankie Peace • Frederick Nitsch • Gabriel Patti • The Gray Fox 11 & Korkox • Gretchen Hasse • Haley Achler • Helen Sanchez-Cortes • Holiday Gerry • Iz Mozer • Jae Green • Jameil Al-Oboudi • Jane Michalski • Jerkbeard • Jesus R. Hernandez • Jill Sutton • Joel Maxime Jr. • Juan A. Cano • Julie Sulzen • Kassandra Spence • Katherine Nemanich • Kathryn Eli • Kao Ra Zen • Kelly Mathews • Larry Green • lewis lain • Linda Platt • Liz Olney • Lucien Caillouet • Lucky Gnome • Makeba Kedem-Dubose • Marco Morelli • Marianna Buchwald • Maria Galvan • Mars Caulton • Marvin Tate • Melecio Castillo • Meredith Mays Epsino • Mia Le • Michaelangelo Quintello • Michael Miller • mr.pintamuro • Natalia Virafuentes • Neha Chawla & Elisabeth James • Nguyen Tran • Olga Guse • Orlando Martinez • Penelope Thrasher • Rebecca Kautz • Sara Peak Convery • Sarawut Chutiwongpeti • Squeak Starzula • Stasa Wade • Tattianna Howard • Teshika Silver • Tracy Kostenbader • Victoria Elizabeth • Zack Goulet

Streetview Artists in the large windows facing Diversey and Milwaukee : Bee Figueroa, mr.pintamuro, The Gray Fox 11, Andrew Rose Vickers, Tracy Kostenbader, Tattianna Howard, The Gray Fox 11, Andrew Garcia, and Alice Roberson

Additional LIP 20/20 Programming is postponed to a later date.


Pandemic Safety Measures at the Hairpin Arts Center:

Will need to keep it safe for each other and the community. The safety measures we will follow: Wearing masks; Physically distance 6ft apart; Limit capacity; Hand sanitizer available; Limited masks available; Before and after each day: sanitize entry, space, surfaces and restrooms; We have sanitizing wipes and spray; We will access the space through the stairs and use elevator only when necessary; Doors propped open to minimize need to touch handles.

We will be ready to adjust for the safety of all of us.

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