Jun 25th 2020

Bright Sense Sound Meditation with Todd Mattei: a 50 minute virtual session aimed to provide an alternative approach to meditation and healing.

Free event: to watch, tune into @HeavenGalleryChicago on Instagram or Facebook live

Tune into our live-streamed 50 minute Healing Mediation Session with artist and musician Todd Mattei, who will virtually perform live music and sound for participants. In these stressful times, it has become more important than ever to prioritize mental health. The music is aimed not only at relaxation but at enlivening the imagination and stimulating memory. People interested in electronic, experimental, or ambient music are encouraged to attend. There is no spiritual or secular dogma driving the event, though you may bring whatever belief or philosophy you’re currently working with. The meditation aims in an opposing direction, towards a non-dogmatic embrace of the free imagination.

Lying down is the preferred position for this mediation but you may also sit in a chair. Use your mask or bandana as blindfold!

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