May 15th 2020

The Gene Siskel Film Center’s “Film Center From Your Sofa” series is proud to present SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE (streaming), available MAY 15th through MAY 21st. Visit our website for more info:

” [Klapish has] this singular knack for examining with SENSITIVITY and DETAIL the relationship highs and lows of the 40-and-under crowd”— VARIETY

“ENTERTAINING slow-burn Parisian romance”— THE GUARDIAN

In this Parisian bitter sweet romance from Cédric Klapisch, warehouse employee Rémy (François Civil) and research assistant Mélanie (Ana Girardot) have never met, but they live parallel lives: they reside in neighboring apartment buildings, ride the same subway route, and are troubled by bouts of insomnia and depression. Their days punctuated by unfulfilling jobs, they seek meaningful romantic and platonic connection. As they stumble through psychotherapy, dating apps, fainting spells, and family visits, the seemingly star-crossed duo orbit around each other but remain just out of reach. Klapisch spins a delicate “what-if” from their compartmentalization, exploring our increasingly hermetic modern urban life. (Description courtesy of Distrib Films). 2019, Dir. CÉDRIC KLAPISCH, FRANCE/BELGIUM, 110 MIN.

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