May 22nd 2020

When: Friday, May 22, at 6pm CST
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The COVID-19 pandemic is the most serious public health crisis to befall humankind in a century, bringing illness and death to every community and wreaking economic havoc across the globe. And as with virtually all catastrophes, African Americans are suffering at disproportionate levels, adding yet another layer to the trauma we already experience on a daily basis. The fact that we are bearing the brunt of every aspect of this crisis is not surprising. Unfortunately, it is all too familiar. But now our story is being witnessed in real time – with numbers and faces and tragic accounts on screens big and small for all the world to see.

Please join the DuSable Museum as we explore the history of pandemics, their effect on the world’s black population, the impact of generations of bad public policy and the ever more urgent pursuit of racial equality.

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