Mar 16th 2020

🙌Purchase discounted used SAIC media equipment 🙌
Monday March 16th! 4:15PM – 6:00 PM
– ARTICard is the only acceptable form of payment.
– 10.25% sales tax will be added to the price of every item for sale.
– Entry tickets will be available at no cost (on a first-come-first-served basis) beginning at 12:30 PM on Monday March 16th at the SAIC Ballroom.



How do the entry tickets work?
— Numbered entry tickets are given out on a first come, first served basis starting at 12:30 the day of the sale in the room the sale is held. The ticket will save you a spot in line but they will only be upheld before the doors open at 4:15. Once the doors are open, if you are not already in your spot in line you must line up at the end.

If I have to leave the sale to put money on my ARTICard do I have to wait in line to get back in?
— When you leave, tell the person monitoring the door that you are coming back and they will let you back in without waiting in line.

Can I pay with a credit card or check?
— No, we only accept ARTICard. You can put cash on your card for immediate use at designated ARTICard deposit machines in each building on campus. You can also transfer money to your ARTIC account online but it takes 24 hours to finalize.

Who can purchase equipment at the Fire Sale?
— Anyone with an active ARTICard. This includes alumni and museum staff. If you have an ARTICard, you may purchase equipment on behalf of others outside of the AIC/SAIC organization.

How much is sales tax?
— Sales tax is 10.25%, to calculate your total after tax multiple the sale amount by 1.1025.

What if I put money on my ARTICard and the item I want is no longer available?
— Once you put money on your ARTICard you can not get it off, so do not deposit money unless you are sure you can use it. If you find something at fire sale that you want to purchase but don’t have enough money on your card, you can put it on hold while you load your card. We will hold the equipment for you for 30 minutes after which it will be released back into the sale.

What if the equipment I purchased is missing something?
— All of the equipment is sold AS IS. Any accessories such as batteries, cables, or memory cards will be treated as free extras. If a vital part of the actual equipment is missing, it will be reflected in the price and noted in the condition (ie. lens missing from camera)

The equipment I purchased was broken when I got home, can I return it?
— All sales are final. The equipment has been tested but as it is mostly heavily used, anything can happen. Returns are not allowed but faulty equipment can be switched out with similar items in the weeks following the sale. ​Contact Ellie with any broken equipment concerns or inquiries about equipment not featured in current sale:

I can’t make the sale, can I reserve equipment?
— NO. There will always be another Fire Sale🔥

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