Mar 17th 2020

This event has been postponed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and related restrictions on travel. We will try to reschedule this event this fall.

MAS Context is organizing “Climate Adaptation,” an event featuring architectural historian Elizabeth Blasius, architect Jeanne Gang, and photographer Virginia Hanusik.

Climate Adaptation

In the Texas Golden Triangle, the petrochemical industry has been ubiquitous since the Lucas Gusher at Spindletop blew crude oil into the air for nine days in January 1901, the beginning of the East Texas oil boom. In 2018, architectural historian Elizabeth Blasius spent nine months working on the Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts in this area, conducting fieldwork on thousands of floodwater damaged historic buildings and providing consultation on in-kind, in-place repair and mitigation to lessen the risk of damage in a future event of climate violence.

Studio Gang uses design as a medium to connect people to each other, to their communities, and to the environment. The Studio’s founder, Jeanne Gang, is also a Professor in Practice at the Harvard GSD where her research and teaching focus on resiliency and reuse. In 2018, Jeanne and her studio joined the non-profit organization All Hearts and Hands in their rebuilding efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands after the devastating impacts of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The studio met with local partners and surveyed storm-damaged sites to develop design responses that re-establish and strengthen critical community services.

New Orleans-based photographer Virginia Hanusik’s work explores the relationship between landscape, culture, and the built environment. Since 2014, she has been working on a body of work about climate adaptation along the American coast, including the history of building practices and development in South Louisiana, and our collective memory as a landscape transforms.

During this event, architectural historian Elizabeth Blasius, architect Jeanne Gang, and photographer Virginia Hanusik will present their ongoing work and discuss other aspects of climate change as it relates to our built environment, our adaptation to these changes, and the long-term effects that it has in our communities.

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