Feb 7th 2020

Solo exhibition featuring all new work by Cathy Feeman, in conjunction with Local at LCA at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts.

An ongoing theme of my work is mooring, the sense of fitting securely into a specific culture and history —a time, a place, a people. There is a relationship between our histories (or our perceptions of our histories) and our identities, whether personal or cultural. It has been said that “communities are place-holders for stories, narratives, and myths,” inferring that geography and others also play a role in the formation of these narratives.

This project was inspired by a family photograph of my larger-than-life great-grandmother, Anna Pocernich, who immigrated from Croatia to Southeast Chicago as a young woman early in the 1900s. I became interested in the stories and contributions that immigrant women made to these Southeast side communities, and began conducting interviews with anyone willing to tell their own story, or the story of an ancestor. Some were willing and available for phone interviews, some e-mailed stories, some graciously sent copies of photographs and other documents. These women immigrated to the US between the mid-1800s and 1960. This first portion of the project utilizes painting, photography and book-forms as its language. Future installations will incorporate additional media, such as sound, sculpture and/or textiles.

The goal of this project is to make visible what is hidden, or even in danger of being lost; to honor the lives and stories of the women, past and present, who immigrated to this often-forgotten corner of Chicago; and to give light to the undercurrents of these communities and stories, and the erosion of these cultural moorings.

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