Feb 14th 2020

You are invited to the first ever sharing of the labor of love COTTON DREAMS. The evening will consist of a performance, talk, and reception.

COTTON DREAMS is a performance.

COTTON DREAMS is a performance that is a book.

COTTON DREAMS is a book that is a self portrait.

COTTON DREAMS is a series self portraits which chronicle what happens when you take things from strangers.

COTTON DREAMS is text that wrestles with altering, obscure, and mundane moments that encouraged me to take a hard look in the mirror.

COTTON DREAMS is a reflection of self making through clothing in the 21st century whilst in the shadow of materialism, the history of slavery in the americas, and object-hood.

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Book Pre-orders begin January 2020.

NIC Kay is an artist who was born in the Bronx, NY. They began their career as an actor and performer working with playwrights, choreographers, fashion designers, photographers, and conceptual artists. The usage of their body as material lead them to interrogate the power relationship between author and subject.

Through movement explorations in nightclubs and on the internet, in 2010 NIC began to develop a solo practice concerned with performance in all its forms in relation to desire and artifice. They are obsessed with the act and process of moving, the change of place, production of space, position, and the clarity or meaning obtained from shifting of perspective. NIC approaches space and objects with a choreographic motivation and the body with a sculptural eye. They attempt to use all the tools and materials of performative spaces; theaters, galleries, streets, nightclubs a.o. to recreate moments of glitch – interruption – pause.

NIC Kay has been a Links Hall LinkUp Artist in Residence (2015) and recipient of the Chances Dances Marc Aguhar Memorial Grant (2014), both in Chicago.

For further information contact: studio@nic-kay.com.
Follow the work: nic-kay.com | @okaynickay | vimeo.com/nickay

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