Feb 9th 2020

Controlling Time

@ Langer Over Dickie

1309 N Leavitt St, Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Sunday, February 9th, from 2PM - 6PM

On view through Monday, March 9th

Controlling Time extrapolates on the quick media that places a halt on late capitalism’s infinite stream of time. Based on “vignettes” of video made for the portable device screen that can be viewed anywhere, the videos in the exhibition mystify and evade immediate consumption. The videos are elusive in their subject matter and in their creation. They are the shadows and alternate temporalities that late capitalism abhors, and they become the lull contemporary society needs. The artists in Controlling Time use the materiality of video to assert autonomy and regain control over their temporal situation. As video continues to be the medium for emancipatory practices, envisioning alternative histories and possible futures, the artists in the show engage video art’s subversive history and leverage its potential in order to create new discourse, and in turn, regain control of the constant flow of time.

Featuring works by:
Vida Sačić
Charles Long
Danielle Rosen
Yvette Mayorga
Shawné Michaelain Holloway
Tanya Garcia
Kasem Kydd
Jessye McDowell
Rabia Tayyabi
Chekwube Danladi
Taha Heydari & James Williams II
Marcela Torres
Alfredo Salazar- Caro
Jiwon Ham

Curated by:
KT Duffy

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