Feb 10th 2020

Take a look behind the curtain, and explore the Mystery Cults of Ancient Egypt. Join Dr. Foy Scalf from the Oriental Institute, as he walks us through the hidden history of these ancient cults.

Fascination with the ancient Egyptian mysteries were so widespread in antiquity that cults devoted to Isis and Osiris could be found as far west as Spain. Frescoes from a temple of Isis in Pompei, Italy, show some of these mysterious rites in progress and The Metamorphoses of Apuleius provide a vivid narrative of one character’s relationship with the cult of Isis. What was the ancient Egyptian experience of divinity like and how were initiates inducted into cultic worship? During this talk, Dr. Foy Scalf from the Oriental Institute will discuss what is known about ancient Egyptian mysticism and initiation throughout its history, focusing on exciting revelations from newly published texts and recent discoveries off the coast of Alexandria.

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