Feb 7th 2020

A new LGBTQ Artists Gallery Opening Exhibit launches on Friday, February 7, from 6:00-8:00 pm. The opening night event is the official premiere of the work by artists Angelica Campbell & Alan Emerson Hicks. Opening night reception will include a cash bar.

Angelica Campbell

These drawings are my escape and my comfort.

This work is made out of my necessity to be creative. At 19, I became homeless when my parents asked me to move out when I came back from my freshman year of college because they did not approve of some parts of my life. I was alone and I was overweight and needed to find some way to survive. I eventually started to deliver Uber Eats on a Divvy Bike to make money. This gave me a way to make money and get a small apartment in the Austin neighborhood and I lost a lot of weight from all of the biking. I make deliveries all day and then I head home and listen to music and draw my favorite singers, rappers and stars.

My favorite media is actually clay. I love making ceramics and my true passion is sculpting. Clay is not possible right now but I need to be creating and colored pencils are affordable and don’t take up a lot of space. One day I will get back to the clay but until then, I’ll keep on drawing.

You can contact and check out more drawings and videos at
IG: mrsdeadpool2
Email: hagumi1625@gmail.com

My work is influenced by found materials, the natural world and time.

Many years ago I was challenged by a musician in a “free jazz” ensemble to create sculpture to the music of his band. While the musicians played I wanted the audience to have a full art studio experience. I would begin a piece of sculpture, work on it and complete it in the span of the stage performance. This lead me to work with very immediate looking and unconventional materials. I wanted the work materials to mimic the music experience. My performance work began to influence my studio work. Today I work primarily with found materials. Artist like Marcel Duchamp, Louise Nevelson and Richard Tuttle are huge influences for my work. The concepts of sustainability and repurposing influence how I use materials. The natural world has always inspired my work, I try to capture it through the use of found materials. Through objects I find color, shape, texture and line, the principles of art.

IG: emerson_428
Contact Alan at aemersonhicks@gmail.com

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