Feb 26th 2020

Spudnik Press Resident Artist Benjamin Merritt is an artist and writer who challenges the normative idea that the body is something individual, unchanging, and fully knowable by objective means. His prints and drawings combine imagery and text from his medical records and personal writings, exploring his own experience with chronic illness as well as how patient’s bodies are written about and recorded. Overall, his work asks us to rethink the medicalized constructs we apply to the body, and suggests alternatives that are more beneficial to and understanding of bodies that don’t fit these norms. In this public presentation on his community work with others who have disabilities, Benjamin will show us ways to make studio arts like printmaking more accessible to people of all abilities, for the benefit of everyone involved in the arts.

Free and open to the public

Image: from “Constant, Immediate”, Benjamin Merritt, Etching & Monoprint, 2019-2020

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