Jan 16th 2020

With Jacqueline Stewart (UChicago), Louis Massiah (Scribe Video Center), and Maira Khwaja (Invisible Institute)

Debates and politics surrounding the American criminal justice system are extremely complex, involving stories of evidence, interpretation, policies, and laws that can center around just one case. States of Violence approaches this urgent topic from those directly affected by crime, incarceration, police, and war. From the 1970s to the present day, this program demonstrates how participatory community media has produced scalable documentaries in the name of creating an engaging communal discourse for better sociocultural understandings as well as tangible progressions toward political change.

Presented by the Film Studies Center and Arts + Public Life.

Part of an ongoing series taking place at the Logan Center for the Arts and the Green Line Arts Center. See filmstudiescenter.uchicago.edu for full details.

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