Jan 22nd 2020

Know Your Rights: A Toolkit for Cultural Producers
with Patrice N. Perkins

Attorney Patrice N. Perkins will introduce artists and arts practitioners to their fundamental rights as independent, freelance workers under the law and how to best advocate for their own financial remuneration and intellectual property protections.

Incorporating a series of templates and resources, this workshop will also introduce ways for creative producers to assert their legal rights in a variety of circumstances, to develop a legal strategy to suit the needs and ambitions of their practice, and to politically organize on behalf of artists’ rights. Find out more about Patrice below!

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Learning Objectives
– Understand what it means to own the copyright in your creative work and your rights when facing infringement issues
– Discuss how to handle challenging client situations and advocate for compensation for your artistic labor
– Introduction of pending legislations impacting creative industries and how to influence policy
– Learn how to get involved as contributing creative citizens

Guest Facilitator
Patrice N. Perkins is a business and intellectual property attorney for creators with an emphasis in arts, new media + entertainment. She helps her clients turns creative dreams into thriving, sustainable businesses. In 2010, she founded Creative Genius Law as a strategic partner to creative professionals who need legal guidance to protect their intellectual property and leverage it into financially successful business enterprises. Her clients include artists, television personalities, best-selling authors, culinary entrepreneurs, apparel companies, game developers, content producers and curators, startups, and creative agencies. Patrice is a key member of her clients’ business teams and collaborates with them every step of the way. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Business Economics at Florida A&M University, she went on to obtain a Juris Doctor at DePaul University. She has been a guest instructor at DePaul College of Law; conducted legal clinics; and presented at numerous seminars and panels under the auspices of organizations such as the Chicago Urban League, Social Media Week, American Bar Association “TechShow”, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and EXPO Chicago. She writes extensively about legal issues on her Creative Genius Law blog and is often called upon for expert commentary by media outlets such as Forbes, Fortune magazine, Bloomberg, Newsy, and WBEZ radio. Patrice is a member of the American Bar Association, the Illinois State Bar Association, and on the Board of Trustees for the American Craft Counsel. Patrice is one of few attorneys recognized across the globe by the American Bar Association as a “Legal Rebel” – a leading innovator in the legal industry. http://creativegeniuslaw.com/

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