Jan 17th 2020

Digital Tapestries in collaboration with Agitator Co-operative Gallery will lead you through a cinematic and musical journey designed to nourish and soothe your mental and emotional states and elicit humanistic connection. A marriage of meditation, short films meticulously designed to create visceral and healing experiences, and deeply resonant live flute music combine to bring you into a serene and present state that will allow you to access feelings and authentically altered states of consciousness.

Agitator Co-operative Gallery’s vision of curating work that provokes dialog will be realized in the bonding and sharing of participants throughout this event, a natural outcome of this shared experience.

Previous Guest Feedback:
Participating in the Digital Tapestries meditation event was a beautiful way to hold space with others without the psychic pressures and insecurities that can underly ‘normal’ social encounters. Karuna facilitated with calm, eloquence, and grace, and the films of Hart Ginsburg pulled me into a world where everyday moments acquired a glowing mystery. -Kenny Dread, West Cork Ireland

I am studying acceptance and commitment therapy, which teaches to accept thoughts as they are and not try to change them. The films felt connected from a single point of origin. Our experiences shape us but we all have a structured core of being human. The word that kept resonating was core, core, core. -Bobbie Jo Cardenas, Austin TX

Heartwarming and soothing! -Veronica Isabel Giraldo-Puente, Chicago IL

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