Jan 31st 2020

Afro instrumentality DIY Visual and Auditory experience, highlighting social justice, symbols and signifiers of urban “black “ culture through the perspective of Afro-futurism and Allen’s cathartic process. He wants to create an experience; a conversation about the consumption/integration of black culture in current popular culture and address issues of social justice. Allen works as an educator, teaching artist, experimental Sound Artist, curator and Mentor. Recently he has worked in Evanston as a youth worker/mentor and has made a deep connection with 4th through 12th grade students. It has been an extremely positive experience and he is hosting a DIY workshop with a collaborative performance with artifacts created at the workshop. His hope is to engage both the youth he has mentored, while challenging the surrounding community to converse concerning issues of equity and social justice. The workshop will include remaking records and playing/sampling them with turntables.
Opening reception and Youth Workshop: Saturday December 7th 3-5pm during Evanston Made first Saturdays.

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