Dec 8th 2019

THE UNDERGROUND ART MARKET is a annual pop-up art market started in 2010. This market is a DIY event, created by artists for artists. We focus on promoting unique creations in the themes of recycled art, wellness, functional art & general awesomeness.

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UAM2019 Sponsored by Illuminated Brew Works

First floor Vendors with a cause
Imperfect Foods
Formerly Imperfect Produce, we help fight food waste by buying food that is ugly or misshapen and deliver it to people’s homes for a cheaper price.

Chicago Independent Radio Project
The Chicago Independent Radio Project is a non-profit organization that operates a community radio station currently accessible via its web site and also on 107.1 FM, located in the Uptown neighborhood.The station also features conversations with artists, activists, and other people doing interesting work, and our features department produces pieces highlighting Chicago’s diverse voices and stories.

Enthusiastic Consent Matters/Nobody Wants to See Your Dick
Forthright flair and apparel designed to change the culture of sexual harassment and assault one conversation at a time.

Handmade African-inspired fashion accessories designed for adventure. Kendi partners with artisans in her home country of Kenya to make unique African goods.

Woman Ambassadors aims to create conceptual & socially relevant jewelry. We add meaning to the metal you wear in your everyday life and make it a tool of self-expression, with part of revenues directed to financial literacy and mediation projects for urban slum women in Asia.

Handcrafted for freedom. The CAUSEGEAR® MADE FREE® model was designed to provide sustainable social reform – addressing the root cause of slavery (including human trafficking), poverty and the need for sustainable ethical jobs. Every CAUSEGEAR® and MADE BY FREE WOMEN® purchase supports a day of freedom from slavery and poverty through a self-sustaining job.

2ND Floor

Food & Drinks by Jordan’s’ Food of distinction & Spritzology
Jordan’s Food of Distinction is a food-centered event planning and
culinary company located in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.

Tuanis Chocolate
We manufacture vegan chocolate products using organic Costa Rican cacoa beans that we buy via direct trade

Bitter Ex Bitters
Bitter Ex Bitters makes artisanal cocktail bitters in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Bitters are essentially extracts- they are made identically as such, but with more complex recipes involving herbs, spices, dried fruits, and roots for bitterness.

Nisse Farm
My unfiltered, pure honey is only from my beehives and is jarred in glass bottles to keep out any plastic tastes and toxins. The honey is then incorporated into my vegetable soaps for an extra emollient quality along with natural spices and clays for a variety of cleansing properties. Only essential oils are used, never artificial fragrances or colorants. All my products: lip balms, lotion bars, and healing salves contain the beeswax from the honey extraction process and/or honey.

2nd Floor boutique
ARMORIE consists of custom leather cloaks, one-of-a-kind leather and recycled materials as well as varied pieces of wearable art (Bags, Hats, Collars, etc.) ARMORIE was born out of the idea that clothing – as expressions of one’s own self – should protect as armor does.

LSSLuscious Knits Handknit accessories made with luxury fibers, and handsewn, ice-dyed accessories and home decor.

R Designs
With the love of art and want to upcycle handbags, the new obsession started. Finding a variety of purses and wallets in great shape at vintage, resale and antique stores, the desire to recycle, reuse and repurpose them was strong. As an avid lover of art, thoughts were to paint famous artworks on handbags and it then evolved to adding original and art deco inspired designs to the collection. This takes artwork off the walls and allows the chance to carry around artwork (wearable, if you will). Wearable Art.

The Reinvented Raven n/a Up-cycled denim clothing and accessories.

Uliulia Deconstructed clothes

Sidebuckle One of a kind belt buckles handmade leather belts, jewelry, and so much more.

Second Shift Vintage Vintage clothing & accessories for all. A curated selection of hard-working pieces with a past: eco-friendly, well-made & fun!

Bliss Condition- Handmade and curated clothing and accessories.

2nd Floor

Pedal To The People LLC
Upcycled functional objects and jewelry from steel, brass, and copper.

Edge of Time Jewelry
Quirky, up-cycled jewelry – made from vintage watches, coins and found objects. Steampunk meets whimsical meets industrial art.

Garden Gypsy Collective
Garden Gypsy has a large collection of minerals, gemstones, and crystals, intuitive adornments, and small batches of Aroma products.

Art by Giles
Art by Giles space will include ‘one of a kind’ oil and acrylic paintings on vintage windows of eclectic, bold and intense subjects as well as anthropomorphic and zoomorphic works of clay!

Functional lighting sculptures and video sculptures from reclaimed material.

Greetings by Jenny
I sell handmade greeting cards, wall art, wearables like tees, hoodies, tanks and hats to my shop. All of my items are handmade, 90% handmade by me personally. Items that are not handmade by me personally are designed by me and made by another maker with the equipment to do so (example: hoodies, tees). I have greeting cards ranging from wholesome and cute to cheeky and slightly offensive (my most popular sellers are greeting cards with swear words).

Think Unique
Think Unique is a Chicago based lifestyle & healing brand founded by Lauren Cornell. Using sustainably sourced and natural materials, she creates healing jewelry, meditation & aromatherapy tools, crystals, and smudge kits to enrich your spiritual life. Visit her work at

BitesizebotsandCo @bitesizebotsandco
Little bit about me & Bitesizebots ; I use all recycled /repurposed parts from non-working vintage Leica Cameras, pocket watches and other vintage equipment that I take apart. Their sizes are 3/4 “ to 12”

Araceli Carrillo – Handmade jewelry
Nomadic Ant
handmade jewelry from some of the coolest underground artists in the land! we source directly from up & coming designers we meet while on our nomadic adventures, creating and collaborating wherever we travel! new designs at very show!

Ahki Design Jewelry
Ahki Design Jewelry is original, metal smithed jewelry using sheet metal and cabochons sourced from independent lapidary artists in the US and Indonesia. Each piece of jewelry is created by hand with metal and fire to be truly one-of-a-kind. Owning a piece of Ahki Design Jewelry is a constant reminder of how courageous you are, the battles you’ve won and the strength you have to achieve your dreams.

Treasures by the Tide
Authentic handcrafted driftwood art and beach glass jewelry from the shores of Lake Michigan.

Eva Airam Studio Handmade leather jewelry

Milly On The Moon Millyonthemoon/
Repurposed vintage collections with steampunk twist. Hand carved natural material, fair trade art work from around the world

Dust Bitten Http:// One of a kind jewelry and decor made from bones and other found materials.

InSpirit Adornments To be In Spirit is to be Inspired. I am inspired to create healing jewelry for people to adorn themselves in. I use copper, crystals, fossils, glass, reclaimed jewelry parts and anything else that inspires me.

RedAvaDesigns Jewelry

Wildboard Woodworking Wild Board is turning discarded or donated woods into a truly unique, original and handmade items that add warmth to your everyday.

Girl Fawkes Pins Social justice, 90’s nostalgia, and art inspired enamel pins.

Daniel Wilson Art Fine/street artist from UK, now living in Chicago. Portraits used as a mirror, questioning our emotions and intentions for life. Drawn to street art’s democratic nature, he often uses found or discarded ‘canvases’ as a comment on our consumerism and relationship to the natural world.

Madame Moth Odds & Ends Victorian and curiosity inspired art and accessories

Atom Basham/Something Awkward Atom Basham is an illustrative painter based in Chicago’s Flat Iron Arts Building, in a work studio/gallery open to the public seven days a week. His painting style, generally acrylic and ink, attempts to tell tiny self contained stories reminiscent of children’s book illustrations, though with a darker humor where the main characters often get eaten or otherwise un-lifed. He takes his day to day inspirations from books, fellow artists, toys, films, and lots and of 80s pop culture.

Artistic kind : creations by Megan kind A collection of urban portraits, familiar images, painted jewelry, and other creations made from nature.

Cranky Pickle cranky pickle art consists of home décor acrylic paintings that feature whimsical monsters, unique animals and horror themed art. These painting are made on recycled media devices; vinyl records, VHS tapes, floppy disks, cassettes, and CD’s. She also does fun and funky stud earrings that are food and animal related. Finally there are enamel pins and stuffed Cranky Pickles.

Paper Stranger Paper Stranger is a small line of handmade Jewelry and ceramics. Pieces are cast from roadkill fond around Chicago.

Pins, necklaces, prints and more designed in Chicago and inspired by everything from pop culture, midcentury design and ancient art.

Prairie Kate Creations Handmade origami-based jewelry and decor

Dark Light Color One of a kind stained glass to enchant your eyes with color and light.

Chicagosee photography

Deva Suckerman Art Paintings on found wood, finding beauty in what is broken

Rocket Relics Handmade soy candles in recycled and repurposed containers.

LINKS by Annette Upcycled, recycled, reused, repurposed – call it what you want. I create unique, high-quality, modern industrial home goods, décor and wearable products. Everything is handmade in Chicago with a passion for cycling and functional design, a meticulous eye for detail, and a dedication for making the world a better place, one bike part at a time.

E.E.Mercantile & Co. E.E.Mercantile & Co. is a conscious community general store which stocks small batch, quality craft, earth friendly product from across the US. We’ll have vegan lipsticks, Rocky-mountain bitters, grooming supplies for the guys & more!

BabyFox Forever Stickers, patches, comic zines, art prints, and homemade soaps

Poppypop Art Handmade decorative and functional ceramics by Chicago artist Melanie Johnson.

Art By Rembry Original paintings, drawings, and mixed media sculpture work. Sculptures are created out of repurposed materials, using anything from animal bones, dolls, old toys, jewelry boxes, mannequins, etc.

Marci Rubin Art
Inside of sculpture, printmaking, and drawing I investigate a state of transformation, metaphorically and literally through process and materials. By working within a set parameter of alteration, reformation, abstraction and transformation, I am able to question recognizable and subconscious states of being. These questions presented in my work deal with our expectations relative to form and deformity involving the human body, and engage with familiar features of form such as proportion, scale, interior, exterior, texture and color. More specifically through sculpture, printmaking, and drawing I am investigating my relationship with the structures and systems of the body such as skin, cells, organs, digestion, reproduction, etc…

PixiedOff Whimsical mixed media

As the Crow Flies Studio If Cornell and a taxidermist had a baby and raised it in a New Orleans junk yard, weird but charming two and three dimensional mixed media art might be the result.

Jess Fang Ocean inspired abstract art.

Lavender’s Story Lavender’s Story creates botanically infused skin care using personally grown ingredients from The Lavender’s Story Chicago garden. We believe in nutrient rich, skin food-just as nature intended.

Spellbound Baths- paid
All natural bath and body products, bound with specific intentions, for spiritual health and well-being.

Audrey Herrington
Intuitive Essence Intuitive Essence is a unique apothecary brewing potions and perfumes connected to the earth realm and the cosmos. Experience the Astro Fragrances, aromatherapy blends for the mind and heart, as well as mystical elixirs to accentuate your magic.

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