Dec 5th 2019

Focusing on fixed-frame, one-take, moving image works, ROMANSUSAN.ORG/RESTRAINT emphasizes structural rigor, intimacy, performative creativity, and the freedoms, limitations, and joys of utilizing control in order to realize personal pursuits.

The third work shared for this series will be Boyfriend by Jenyu Wang, created in 2016.

An artist and researcher, Jenyu Wang’s interests in temporal and spatial relationships are largely due to growing up in a fractured cultural-political environment. Born in Taiwan and immigrated to the United States in her mid-teens, Jenyu perceives her world in disjunction, instead of continuity. By utilizing photography, video, and sculptural objects, Jenyu interrogates the gap between thinking and feeling. In pursuit of such gap, her work concentrates on the moments that show the vulnerable body, the traumatic body in the psychology of the ‘everyday’. Jenyu’s projects provide indexical content where she constructs and magnifies moments of dissonance and resonance. Jenyu applies her thoughts and ideas in other forms as well, and her writings have been published by art criticism websites Chicago Artist Writers and LA-based art blog Temporary Art Review. For more information, please visit

This programming series is a collaboration between Roman Susan Art Foundation and The Leather Archives & Museum. The Leather Archives & Museum was founded by Chuck Renslow and Tony DeBlase in 1991 as a community archives, library, and museum. The mission of the organization is making leather, kink, BDSM, and fetish accessible through research, preservation, education and community engagement. For more information, please visit

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