Dec 7th 2019

Taiko (Japanese drum), is typically heard at seasonal festivals and temples all throughout Japan. At the core of Tsukasa Taikos artistic and musical vernacular is a more esoteric and theatrical expression of Taiko that is a less frequented and more difficult endeavor with a speculative destination.

Notable companions on this journey will include percussionist, actress, poet and screenwriter Coco Elysses, fiercely creative Hamid Drake on drums, percussionist JoVia Armstrong, winner of Black Women in Jazz Awards 2014 Best Black Female Percussionist of the Year and, direct from France, special guest drummer and improviser Yuko Oshima.

Reduction is a refined response to the popularity of mainstream taiko drumming, a trend which sees taiko stripped of its particular musical and theatrical elements. This years presentation features unreleased materials from 1970s original taiko theater the Gintenkai in Tokyo, ranging from traditional to modern interpretations of taiko music as an artistic venture. Classical masters Hyakkyou Fukuhara (flute/percussion), Chizuru Kineya (shamisen), Shijuro Tachibana (kabuki dance), lend their deftness to the evenings presentation.

現代美術館ホールでの恒例となった「太鼓レガシー」第16回コンサート。お馴染みのシカゴ藤間流・秀舞会のほか東京から江戸長唄三味線の稀音家千鶴、東京から篠笛の福原百恭 、鳴り物の立花志十郎などがレガシーコンサートに再到来。前日には、 70年代の東京太鼓演劇集団/銀天界の美学を再現する特別プログラム「リダクション 7」公演。シカゴの数多くの有名アーティスト、ココ・エリセス、ハミード・ドレイク、ジョヴィア・アームストロング、他出演。リダクションにはフランスを拠点として活動するパーカッショニスタ、オオシマ・ユウコも初参加。

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