Dec 20th 2019

Happy Birthday Howard Finster and Friends

@ David Leonardis Galleries

1346 N Paulina St, Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Friday, December 20th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Tuesday, December 24th

Art Lovers,

This Friday I will have had the privilege of hosting Happy B-Day Howard Finster and Friends exhibits for 28 years. There’s so many cool things that I can say about Howard. He was nicer to me than anybody but my Momma. He is the “Grandfather of Contemporary American Folk Art”. He and I worked together for 10 years publishing 36 signed limited edition silk screen prints.

He was a “Visionary Artist” that had a vision from God to paint sacred art, which was paint on his thumb that formed a face while painting a bicycle and went on to make just shy of 47,000 pieces of art. I bought his house and turned it into a museum filled with his art because it’s the least I can do for him. I could clearly go on an on about this amazing man and artist. Suffice to say Howard’s art will protect your house from, fire, tornado, it might save someone’s soul, that fire that doesn’t burn your house down you might get a fat insurance check. These are all true stories that I one-lined for you. If this art speaks to you, I suggest you get some. It looks way better in your house!

In celebration of my old friend we will be having a custom Howard Finster cake!

I will be giving a free black and white, unsigned, Howard Finster print to anyone who attends this Friday night. Also included with any purchase at the DLG this month.

I always say Howard is watching out for me and I know it’s true this Holiday Season because I just acquired 61 Matt Lamb paintings. The gentleman said, “I don’t want to be in the art storage business any longer”. Good luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. So I flew in to the location and drove a 20′ truck filled with Matt Lamb paintings back to Chicago. After pre-selling 1st round, 2nd round and 3rd round picks to a few savvy art buyers, I have a fantastic collection of diverse Matt Lamb paintings available. This month the main wall here at the DLG will be filled with incredible paintings by this great artist. Matt Lamb like Howard Finster began his art career late in life and went on to make approximately 40,000 paintings himself.

7 years ago last month, the Matt Lamb family flew me to Dubai to rock with the Billionaires and International Royalty. A fantastic and amazing trip that was about turning his art into $80 a square inch. If you do the math a 19″x24″ original is $36,480. The USA price is intended to be $17.50 square inch. I’m offering them for less than that at this time while my cup has runneth over but that won’t be forever.

You may ask, “Why is the art priced by the inch”? Since Matt Lamb made 40,000 pieces of original art they just figured it would be easier to price them that way. Of course the value of art is subjective and varies depending on many factors, including where it is being sold.

I personally own this new fantastic collection of Matt Lamb originals to go with the giant collection of works on paper I already own and I can sell them for whatever I want. With that said, I figured we should double down and give the people what they want! I’ll be offering over a dozen pieces at $1500 each and a dozen more for $1000 each.

If you want my 5’x6′ Matt Lamb paintings, well, that’s another story and you’ll have to have that conversation with me on the phone or in person. Check out the Matt Lamb section on the website. It really is a stunning collection.

So come on in or send an email, and collect some of the fantastic art available here at the DLG!

To celebrate as we do monthly, I’m having a reception this Friday December 20th at the David Leonardis Galleries. As always the PBR, Red Wine and bottled water are on me!


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