Dec 14th 2019

A Worldwide Metamorphe Lieder Project

The Chicago Metamorphic Song Relay is a tentacular collaborative project exploring musical memory, cultural meaning, and creative interpretation. The project was incubated by Damon Locks and Katherine Young.

In the first phase of the project, Damon and Katie select a song, which they interpret into each of their musical languages. At the end of a short session, they record a version of the song. This recorded version of the song is used as the starting point for a second musical collaboration. In phase two, Katie and Damon share the song – in its new version – with another musicians and invite them to interpret the song into their musical language. At the end of that session, a new version of the song was recorded. This recorded version is again being used it as the starting point for the next musical collaboration….And so the relay continues.

Eventually, the song will pass through the ears and imaginations of ten Chicago musicians. The project concludes with a celebratory concert event at Experimental Sound Studio on Saturday, December 14. An improvised meditation on the song, the concert will offer the participants the opportunity to come together and work with the musicians in the project that they didn’t work with before.

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