Dec 7th 2019

Our 1 Year Anniversary of YABHQ & our last Gallery Exhibition of the year!

We invite you to celebrate our one-year anniversary at YAB HQ with us. And as a way to thank you for all your support, we want to say…thank you! We appreciate you. We are grateful for you. We couldn’t have done it without you. Simply put, we ♥ you.

Come explore a new gallery of work, all based on appreciation. This new body of work will look at the appreciation of others (and what they have done for you) and the appreciation of yourself (and how you’ve stuck it out). We’ve learned something incredible: the more appreciative you are of what you have, the more grateful you feel for where you are now.

We’re exceptionally humbled to be where we are right now – sharing messages of positivity with you. Thank you for helping us shine this light, to help make things a little brighter.

As we enter this gift-giving season, let’s remember not to focus on the “stuff.” This season is about reminding those close to you (family, friends, your self-made family) how incredibly special they are, and how much you appreciate them.

If all our exhibition does is inspire you to call someone up or send an email, simply letting them know how grateful you are to have them in your life – then we all win 🙂

Make these moments matter.


A little bit about Programming at YAB HQ

Gallery Openings

Every few months, we’ll completely rework the Gallery at YAB HQ with an exhibition of new work, all related around a new positive message. This is our sandbox; a place to play around with new ideas and concepts. We hope you enjoy the work, and would love to hear what you think.


We offer a variety of Hands-On Workshops from making your own t-shirt and painting your own wood pieces to donning a YAB apron and learning to cook healthy meals with a professional chef. Our workshops are fit for groups large and small, young and old, and always leave you feeling better than when you came in. Learn more about the process of how we create works in our studio, and leave with one of your own! Be sure to check out our Events Calendar ( to learn more.


Want to see the behind-the-scenes operation while also learning more about the project and our practice? We offer regularly scheduled FREE Studio Tours. Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming tours.

Have a large group? We can schedule a custom tour for your school or group. Our tours can accommodate 10 to 50 people. To schedule a group tour, reach out to

A little bit about Matthew Hoffman & You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful started as a passion project in 2002 with 100 stickers, with a goal to help people feel better every day. The project was run (and all orders were shipped) out of a two-car garage until 2018. YAB HQ then opened in Chicago, offering a retail store front (open to the public daily), as well as housing our studio where we build our installations. We are extremely grateful for the global community who has supported this message, and helped spread millions of stickers, art murals, and installations far and wide — all with the goal to add a little positivity to the world.

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