Nov 7th 2019

Coach houses are a common housing type in Chicago and are a form of accessory dwelling units, or ADUs. ADUs are a well-known way to subtly increase housing options in a high-demand neighborhood, while also providing lower-cost housing. ADUs can also increase the value to an older property, which can head off pressure to sell it and tear it down. Re-legalizing them in Chicago is an official policy that has yet to be adopted, although that may change soon, following the lead of many other cities now adopting ADU legislation.

Steven Vance, urban planner, and Elle Ramel, Director of Development at Farpoint Development, will discuss the benefits of ADUs and their work to educate residents and community groups. In addition, an architect from Booth Hansen will discuss their role in designing to the narrow parameters of typical ADU laws. (Photo credit: Building collage, Gabriel X. Michael)

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