Nov 3rd 2019

“How do we explain the total ignorance about the achievement of non-western artists in the West? Why are they invisible?” asked Rasheed Araeen in 1989 “because they are nature, not culture.”

‘Stand Firm, Stand Here’ features 9 artists from Turkey, the Phillipines, Palestine, South Korea, India, Bangladesh and Iran, who address how non-western artists and their subjects must claim space when cultural and gender identity becomes a gateway to subjugation, violence, exploitation, and mis-translation. Distanced from places that identified as ‘home’, these artists have identities that are evolving in the West while their practices may be rooted in non-western epistemologies. Here, notions of gender, race, ‘progress’, ethnicity, class, religion, geography and age all stand to be contested by other ways of knowing.

The happening on the evening of November 3rd aims to bring these conversations back ‘home’. Curated by Pia Singh and hosted by Mark Jeffery, ‘Stand Firm, Stand Here’ invites you to experience works that attempt to expand these notions, while inviting the viewer (the other) to create new meanings through identifying parts of themselves in the ‘other’

Artists on view: Ali Asgar Tara, Qais Assali, Jasjyot Singh Hans, Kiam Marcelo Junio, Nihat Karatasli, Sungjae Lee & Stella Lee, Pegah Pasalar, Pooja Pittie and Amisha K Patel. A musical performance by Nivedita Gunturi will initiate the evening

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