Nov 7th 2019

“[R]acism may wear a new dress, buy a new pair of boots, but neither it nor its succubus twin fascism is new or can make anything new. It can only reproduce the environment that supports its own health: fear, denial and an atmosphere in which its victims have lost the will to fight.” –Toni Morrison

This week at the Public Newsroom we’re featuring Tanuja Jagernauth. Tanuja will host an interactive workshop where participants will envision ways to resist racism and fascism in their daily lives. Through writing exercises, small group discussion, and collective brainstorming, participants will:

-Define racism and fascism.
-Examine the conditions that perpetuate racism and fascism using Toni Morrison’s essay, “Racism and Fascism” as a guide.
-Collectively produce and share strategies for preventing, intervening on, and transforming the conditions that allow racism and fascism to thrive.
-Envision a world where racism and fascism do not exist.

This workshop is part of the Public Newsroom’s 2019 Curator series ”Community Care and the 2020 Election: We Gon’ Be Alright” created by Chicago-based artist / facilitator Felicia Holman ( The series features three Chicago-based women of color artists / activists: Jenna Anast, Tanuja Jagernuath and Nikki Patin. Each presenter will share some of their skills and tools for creative resilience in the face of depletion.

This event is part of City Bureau’s #PublicNewsroom programming, a series of free, weekly workshops and discussions aimed at building trust between journalists and the communities they serve while shaping a more inclusive newsroom.

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