Nov 2nd 2019

Max Guy: Azazello

@ Wedge Projects

1448 W Howard St, Chicago, IL 60626

Opening Saturday, November 2nd, from 5PM - 8PM

Can scary things be funny?

In Azazello, Max Guy will reprise his role as the comically awkward, vaudevillian devil, Lucifer Reads. As Reads, he will reprise the role of Mikhail Bulkagov’s demon Azazello, from the novel Master and Margarita. Azazello wasn’t the funniest demon in the book, but maybe that’s for the better. The show will feature some new assemblages, some novelty items, and Mr. Guy will be performing a few nights and weekends throughout. (Schedule forthcoming)

There will be mad-libs at the reception, and for this, Max requests that guests prepare a list of the following:

1. Noun
2. How do you describe your offspring? (i.e. son)
3. Pronoun
4. Colored object (i.e. a Golden Crown)
5. Bladed object
6. Synonym for “came”
7. Some kind of shelter
8. Dance move
9. Wooden surface to put things on
10. Noun
11. Verb that is impolite to say to another person
12. Name of a cool device
13. Unit of measure

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