Nov 3rd 2019

Join us for “Altar Building Essentials” with @Kim Laude, organized by Rhonda Wheatley. Brunch included.

Kim Laude will be giving an informative talk on building your own altar. Although there are numerous types of altars, the personal altar is essentially a sacred space in your home that serves as a “spiritual center” where you can focus on being your highest self. Personal altars also consist of specific items meant to invite positive energy into your life. In this workshop Kim will guide participants in:

1. Learning the significance of the altar in other cultures
2. Discussing the differences and similarities in spiritual practices among various cultures
3. Learning the essential elements of the altar
4. Learning how to create an altar that expresses gratitude, honor and sacredness in ways that are significant to each participant


Justice Hotel at 6018NORTH is a 5-room hotel created in partnership with the Chicago Architecture Biennial from September 18, 2019 to January 5, 2020. We invite you to “check in” to justice. Developed with a collective of #ALAANA concierge-curators, the communal hotel’s programming (included in the stay) consists of conversational dinners, performances, and healing services.

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