Oct 10th 2019

A critical exploration of urban space focused on how space & place intersect with memory & justice.

This event is presented as part of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

What is community? Does it matter how LGBT and Queer people inhabit urban space? Can zoning be straight? Why would “queering” a space matter? And where does gender fit into urban theory?

This walking tour was borne from a wish to explore topics that don’t fit neatly into our popular Boystown walks. Plus, we wanted to speak on queerness in a place that’s not-so-queer.

This event will tackle how social forces and structures impact queer people and the ways queer people build community, find joy, and make culture in a society that can be brutally vicious and too-often deadly. Plus, this event will double as a walking workshop where attendees can learn on how and why to advocate for queerness to make communities everywhere more healthy, vibrant, and just.

*BONUS* This event will be a choose-your-own-adventure where attendees will help decide what topics we cover!


“A vigorous culture capable of making corrective,stabilizing changes depends heavily on its educated people, and especially upon their critical capacities and depth of understanding.”

― Jane Jacobs

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