Oct 28th 2019

I am happy to host an event entitled Re-Envisioning Masculinity: An Interactive Workshop and Conversation on Toxic Masculinity at Oak Park Public Library.


Through mini-presentations, critical dialogues, and video clips, we will examine the following issues:
I. What is toxic masculinity?
II. Why is it important to examine it under the current sociopolitical climate?
III. Where does it all start and how does it manifest itself?
IV. How does it affect all of us?
V. How can individual and collective changes take place?

Facilitator bio:
This conversation will be facilitated by Dr. Ada Cheng, a professor-turned-storyteller, performing artist, and storytelling show producer. She was a tenured professor at DePaul University for 15 years from 2001 to 2016 when she resigned to pursue storytelling and performance full time. During her time at DePaul, she taught subjects on gender, sex, sexuality, masculinity, race/ethnicity, and immigrations. She is currently the Education and Outreach Specialist with Campus Advocacy Network at Women’s Leadership and Resource Center at UIC.

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