Oct 11th 2019

Create your own sex positive queer, kink, feminist, anti-racist, and politically radical banners to take home or donate to the banner lending library.

The Protest Banner Lending Library is a space for people to gain skills to learn to make their own banners, a communal sewing space where we support each other’s voices, and a place where people can check out handmade banners to use in protests.

The words and these banners have a growing history. They are made by someone, used in a protest, returned to the library, and then taken by someone else to a different protest. The banners carry the histories of the hands that made and hold them, and the places they have and will travel.

Aram Han Sifuentes (b. 1986) is a Chicago-based artist who uses sewing as a medium to investigate identity politics, immigration and immigrant labor, possession and dispossession, citizenship and belonging, dissent and protest, and race politics in the United States. She is the founder of The Protest Banner Lending Library, a project where community members may create their own protest banners and borrow from the library of handmade banners. This fall the Leather Archives & Museum hosts a Protest Banner Lending Library and Workshop led by Sifuentes.

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